An Update on Toy Shooter!

It's been some time since I updated the site and the blog. Find out about all the changes to Toy Shooter!


When I started Toy Shooter, I wanted to do two things - firstly, have a platform to publish my work and discuss it, and secondly to create a resource for people who want to learn more about toy photography, post processing, photoshop and more.

It's now about a year and a half since I launched the site, and it's nearly a year since I posted a blog post!

It' simply been easier and more immediate to post updates on the Toy Shooter Facebook page, and my work through Instagram and various groups around the web.

Going forward, things are going to change ...

Site first

Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are great, and I especially love the interaction with my audience; but both those platforms aren't mine, and content gets lost once it's posted.

From now on, this site will be the primary source of content I publish.

I've made a number of upgrades to the blog today to make finding content easier going forward, and I am working on the gallery software to enable you to see my work in greater detail than on Flickr (which I'll be shutting down) and Instagram.

I'm going to invest a lot more time in content for the site - tutorials and shoot walkthroughs primarily.

Friday Night Likes

Some of you guys have asked what happened to Friday Night Likes. Two things - firstly, life got very busy and I needed to drop some balls, FNL unfortunately was one of them. The other factor was I was struggling to find "new" things to talk about each week.

As I said in the show, it's not about a lack of great toy photography, but more about finding work that has something new I can discuss each week without getting repetitive.

The other factor was I started to realise I was spending the available time I had creating FNL, and stopped taking photos which is not something I want to do!

Friday Night Likes isn't dead, but I'll be recording it less frequently going forward.

New Content

Going forward, much of the content I publish is going to be focused on Photoshop, and post processing work. I'll still post shoot walkthroughs, and videos on Youtube will also feature here.

Learn Toy Photography

Learn Toy Photography was a massive undertaking and I'm really only just getting started with it. I'll be adding an eBook version soon, and I've been busy building an affiliate program for the course which will pay out 50% commissions to folks who promote it. If you have an audience on the web who you think would be interested in it, drop me a message on facebook so we can talk.

Toy Shooter Evolves

Those of you following me on Instagram will have noticed I've been publishing much more complex Photoshop compositions lately. There's a huge amount to talk about with these pictures, and they are really the kind of work I've been driving towards for the last year.

I am not joking when I say there are shots that have been other a year in the works simply because of the time it takes to acquire all the components I need to create these composits. For me, it's a buzz seeing these things come to fruition after existing as evernote descriptions for months.

Stay Informed!

Last but not least, the newsletter sign up is finally working on the site, this is the best way to get updates on everything I publish from now on, so please sign up below to get my best stuff.


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It's been some time since I updated the site and the blog. Find out about all the changes to Toy Shooter!